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In the dynamic realm of advertising, KandianPRO Limited stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting bespoke advertising solutions, bringing brands to the forefront of their industry.

Our History

A Journey from Humble Beginnings

It all began on 18th April 2013. The advertising landscape was vast and varied, but we saw a gap – a space where businesses could truly align their vision with the advertising expertise they received. From our base in Hounslow at Unit 11, West Point, 328 Bath Road, KandianPRO Limited embarked on a journey to fill that void. As years rolled by, we transformed and evolved, adapting to the ever-changing digital era, but never losing sight of our foundational principles. We faced challenges head-on, learning, innovating, and expanding our horizons with each step. Our legacy is not just in the years we’ve spent in the industry, but in the countless success stories we’ve been an integral part of. Nearly a decade in, our passion remains unabated, our commitment unwavering, and our journey ever exciting.
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Vision & Mission

Crafting Tomorrow's Success Stories, Today


To be the global standard-bearer in innovative advertising, creating lasting impressions that transcend borders.


Dedicate ourselves to the art and science of advertising, ensuring every brand story we shape resonates, engages, and leaves an indelible mark.

KandianPRO Sri Lanka Office

Global Presence

From the UK to Sri Lanka: A Legacy of Excellence

As KandianPRO Limited thrived in the UK, our desire to share our expertise globally led to the establishment of KandianPRO (Pvt) Limited in Sri Lanka. This expansion not only symbolizes our global aspirations but also our commitment to cater to diverse markets with the same unwavering dedication to quality.

Our Team

The Heartbeat of KandianPRO

Behind every successful campaign is a team of 40+ visionaries, creators, and strategists. Our strength lies in our diversity, our passion, and our unyielding commitment to excellence. At KandianPRO, every team member brings their unique perspective, ensuring that we always view challenges as opportunities.

By the Numbers

The Trust of Thousands
0 +

Over the years, more than 2000 customers have placed their trust in our services.

Dedicated Team
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A family of over 40 professionals, each adding value and expertise.

Years of Excellence

 Nearly a decade in the industry, and our journey has only just begun.

In the world of advertising, it's not about what you look at but what you see. At KandianPRO, we visualize success.

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