Street 21: Crafting the Ultimate Desi Street Vibe – A KandianPRO Success Story


In the bustling urban landscape, where the aroma of spices meets the allure of street cuisine, lies the heart of Street 21’s vision. Our challenge at KandianPRO was not just to create a brand, but to encapsulate the vibrant essence of Indian street food culture. This case study unfolds our journey with Street 21, as we transformed their vision into a tangible and enticing brand experience.

Client Overview

Street 21 stands out as an ambassador of Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine, offering an authentic taste of India’s bustling streets. Their menu, an eclectic mix of North Indian Alu Tiki Burgers, Uttar Pradesh Chaat, and Tamil Nadu Idli, caters to a diverse audience, from quick snack seekers to full meal enthusiasts.

Project Scope

Our mission was to create a brand identity for Street 21 that was as dynamic and colorful as the streets of India.

Branding: We aimed to create a visual identity that was both contemporary and reflective of the rich Indian street food culture.

Design Deliverables:

  1. Logo Design: The “Street 21” logo, featuring black text against yellow background boxes, along with a playful street food cart symbol, was designed to be modern yet playful.
  2. Menu Design: We crafted a menu that was visually inviting and easy to navigate, mirroring the diversity and richness of the cuisine.
  3. Interior Design: The interior design was conceptualized to complement the street food theme, creating an immersive dining experience.
  4. Signage and Posters: Our outdoor and indoor advertising designs aimed to capture the eye and entice potential customers.
  5. Window Vinyl and Wall Murals: These elements were designed to enhance the restaurant’s ambiance and draw in passersby.

Process and Execution

Our journey with Street 21 began with understanding their vision. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we explored various design avenues. The creation of the logo was particularly challenging, as it needed to be simple yet encapsulate the brand’s ethos. We went through multiple iterations before finalizing the design.

The menu design required meticulous attention to detail to ensure readability and aesthetic appeal. For the interior design, we focused on creating a space that was not just a place to eat but an experience in itself. Implementing the signage, window vinyl, and wall murals required careful planning to ensure brand consistency.

Outcome and Impact

The response to our branding and design efforts was overwhelmingly positive. Street 21 received accolades for its vibrant and inviting ambiance. Customers appreciated the clarity and appeal of the menu, and the overall branding significantly contributed to an increase in footfall and brand recognition.


This project with Street 21 stands as a testament to KandianPRO’s ability to translate a culinary vision into a tangible brand experience. It was a journey of creative exploration, challenges, and ultimate success, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in the field of branding and design.

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